CCHP has released a new report on its recently completed
California HealthCare Foundation funded demonstration project,
the Specialty Care Safety Net Initiative (SCSNI) that connected
43 safety-net providers with five UC Medical Centers through
telehealth technology.  CCHP provided participating
safety-net providers with the funding, equipment, and technical
resources necessary to use clinical telehealth services that
connected underserved populations with the best and brightest
minds in specialty medicine.

Integrating Telehealth with Primary Care

Over a two-year period, from February 2010 to December 2011 some
of the top health care specialists from the participating UC
Medical Centers provided tele-consultations to primary care
practitioners and their patients from the participating clinics –
over half of whom had never used telehealth technology before –
at no cost to the clinic or the patient.

SCSNI resulted in 2,300 consultations for patients as far as 600
miles away from the specialist and provided 3,000 referrals for
specialty services including dermatology, hepatology, psychiatry,
orthopedics, endocrinology and neurology.

SCSNI Results and Lessons Learned

Adjusting to new technology is never easy, and the initiative
allowed key insights into making telehealth transitions smoother
for safety-net providers and specialist facilities alike. More
than expanding the reach of some of the top talent in California
medicine, the initiative helped CCHP determine exactly what
primary care providers need to successful integrate telehealth
into their clinic operations.

The newly released report describes the experiences of the
participating safety net providers who launched or expanded their
telehealth services under this initiative. The findings from this
demonstration have been distilled into a set of 10
recommendations for safety net providers considering adding
telehealth to their services (see report for list of

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