CTRC Legislative/Regulatory February 2017 Update

CTRC Legislative/Regulatory February 2017 Update

Please Note: CCHP has a pending legislation/regulation webpage located at the following link: http://cchpca.org/state-laws-and-reimbursement-policies


Pending Regulation

State Reg. Status Summary


Title 22 CCR Section 100270


12/14/16: Proposed

Comment Deadline: 1/23/17

Title: Stroke Critical Care System

Agency: Emergency Medical Services Authority

Adds a new definition of telemedicine and stipulates requirements for local EMS agency stroke critical care systems, including that emergency department neurological expertise be provided in person or through telemedicine in acute stroke ready hospitals.


Approved Regulation

State Reg. Status Summary
California Title 16 CCR Section 4172


1/11/2017:  Adopted

Effective: 4/1/2017

Title:  Telehealth

Agency:  Board of Occupational Therapy

Clarifies that an occupational therapist does not need to obtain a patient’s/client’s consent for subsequent telehealth services once the patient initially consents to receive occupational therapy services via telehealth. Deletes informed from the language and otherwise reconstructs the language in the subsection to make it read better.

California Title 15 CCR 1027.5, 1122.5, 1208.5, 1030 2/15/17: Adopted

Effective: 4/1/17

Title: Minimum Standards for Local Detention Facilities

Agency:  Board of State and Community Corrections

Provides a new definition for telehealth and allows a facility administrator for mentally disordered inmates to develop policies and procedures to identify and evaluate inmates through telehealth.